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Launders on why casting isn’t as easy as people think it is, BOXR plans, and becoming the Supreme of esports

Speaking in an interview with Esports Network, Launders spoke about making a concerted effort to focus on his CS:GO casting over the next few months.

“I plan to do a lot more casting next year, which I really want to focus on,” Launders said. He later spoke at length about his thoughts on the internet’s view on casting.

“People think they know how to do our jobs. Number one, nobody knows how hard it is. And number two, the people who do know can actually give you good feedback.”

On the topic of feedback, Launders detailed his particular approach to reading the comments.

“Some talent make feedback threads… and I’ve always believed that if you believe that you’re above that, or you really believe that pure feedback is the only important feedback… it’s only going to hurt you, going too far down in the thread or always reading the comments that don’t really make sense about you. You shouldn’t need the positive comments, or the negative comments.”

For more from the interview, you can watch it in the video embedded below.


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